Simulation facets in theory and technology of superplastic forming

Kukhar, V. V.
Anishchenko, O. S.
Vishtak, I. V.
Кухар, В. В.
Аніщенко, О. С.
Віштак, І. В.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
The analyt ical model o f superplast ic forming (SPF) of spherical shells by pressure of gas generated during sublimation of a sublimating agent is presented. The control of temperature distribution over the surface of the AlMg6 blank by sublimated substances is proposed. It is proposed to describe the contour of the sheet billet at all stages of SPF by universal equations "superformula" and "super ellipse". The dependence of the values of principal stresses on the principal radii of curvature and thinning of shells during superplastic forming has been established. Modeling of superplastic deformation processes of optically transparent materials based on diene and vinyl aromatic hydrocarbons is proposed. The fundamental possibility of using the tungsten-free CrNi73CuBeTeAl alloy, obtained both by vacuum-arc remelting and electroslag remelting, as a tooling material of dies for SPF and isothermal stamping has been shown.
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Kukhar V. V., Anishchenko O. S., Vishtak I. V. Simulation facets in theory and technology of superplastic forming : monograph. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing. 2022. 93 p.